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NZTS residential building wash in progress
Difference Between Water Blasting and Soft Washing / Chemical House Washing

What’s the difference between soft chemical washing a house and water blasting a house? The biggest difference between soft house washing is the amount of pressure needed to wash a house and the application of chemical solution. Soft washing is where a chemical mix is applied to the house and this dissolves and cleans deeply. […]

Roof Paint Oxidisation
Roof Paint Oxidisation – NZTS

Roof Paint Oxidisation Guide – The Signs, Stages and Maintenance You might have noticed your roof paint start to go dull and chalky looking. Don’t be too alarmed. This is just a natural part of how roofs and roof paints age. Oxidisation can pop up due to a number of factors including sun / UV […]

gutter guard auckland nz
Gutter Guard Guide – NZTS Auckland

What Gutter Guard is right for your home? There are many options when it comes to selecting gutter guards and it is hard to know which gutter guard is best for you and your situation. Gutter guard manufacturers are experts at designing and marketing their own gutter guard products. We here at NZTS aim to […]

Gutter Cleaning Auckland
Ultimate Gutter Cleaning Guide – NZTS Auckland

Welcome to the Ultimate Gutter Cleaning Guide This guide is provided to give a general overview as to the process of gutter cleaning, things to look out for and a few tips and tricks. The most important thing to note is that safety is of the utmost importance and any work at height should be […]

house washing ponsonby auckland nz
House Washing in Ponsonby

House Washing in Ponsonby  Ponsonby is the epicentre of classic villas in Auckland, and there are a few things to remember when approaching a house wash. All of which NZTS House Washers take into account.  The soft house wash approach In Ponsonby, soft washing is the only way to go when it comes to washing […]

Waterblasting residential building roof
Auckland Water Restrictions and House Washing

Here’s a guide to help in supporting your local Auckland house washing businesses while there are restrictions on water. NZTS provides our own water supply from sustainable sources not attached to the town supply. In doing so, we can legally operate during restrictions. Please see the graph below to see which services are best while […]

Commercial Building Wash Auckland NZ
Ultimate Auckland Commercial Building Wash Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Auckland Commercial Building Wash Guide. This will provide you with insight into the tasks and equipment involved in all different types of small to large commercial building washing techniques and building wash services. It covers building wash equipment, licenses, different commercial building surfaces, windows and glass, abseiling and more. This guide […]

nzts building wash for hire
New Building Washing / Construction Washing Done Right

NZTS New Building Washing and Construction Washing Services Washing a New Building A building wash of a new building or on a construction site takes a different approach than washing an existing building. It’s crucial to be health and safety compliant, be able to fit in with other trades and any finishing work being completed […]

Cedar house maintenance and cleaning done well - NZTS
Cedar House Washing Secrets

The best form of cedar house washing is prevention. Cedar has a soft, porous surface that can be easily damaged if isn’t looked after properly. Whilst it’s always important to be careful when washing exterior surfaces, particular attention should be paid to cedar homes. Cedar house washing yourself? If you decide to take a DIY […]

Exterior house washing by NZTS expert
5 Exterior House Washing Secrets Experts Don’t Want You to Know Auckland

To help you get your house looking pristine, we at NZTS put together a list of the top 5 exterior house washing tips. Here at NZTS, we love to see people getting out there and giving it a go. Here in New Zealand, we’re known for our ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude to life. And what’s more Kiwi […]