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House Washing in Ponsonby

House Washing in Ponsonby 

Ponsonby is the epicentre of classic villas in Auckland, and there are a few things to remember when approaching a house wash. All of which NZTS House Washers take into account. 

The soft house wash approach

In Ponsonby, soft washing is the only way to go when it comes to washing weatherboard villas with sash windows, wooden joinery and balustrades. 
Soft washing includes the application of a small amount of house washing chemicals, which cleans more deeply than water blasting could and achieving the result without high pressure blasting. This is the same system that Chemwash uses. 

House washing technique is also key to reducing water ingress. NZTS teams are trained to use low-pressure house washing systems correctly. NZTS teams are also all owner-operators who really care about the quality of their house washing results. 

Close proximity to neighbours 

Ponsonby villas share a tight space with neighbours. This increases the risk of overspray when carrying out house washing or roof cleaning tasks. 
NZTS house washers are always mindful and respectful of surrounding neighbours. We endeavour to make contact before the house wash and check for things like washing on the line that may be in the overspray line of fire.

Limited parking

Parking is at a premium in Ponsonby. When parking on the road or closely to the footpath we ensure we are visible with cones and barriers or can wash the home with portable house washing equipment. NZTS house washing vehicles are set up for working at a distance from water supply if need be too. 

Verandas and veranda roofs

Verandas are another great feature of Ponsonby villas. The curved roofs of the verandas face the road and are prone to go mouldy, depending on the amount of sunlight they get. NZTS house washers include this part of the house as standard in every Ponsonby house wash.  The other house washing issue that comes from these veranda roofs is that they make access tricky to wash the wall and eave of the house above the veranda roof. NZTS house washing teams put in the effort to ensure all of these hard to reach areas of the house are washed well.
veranda roof wash ponsonby before nzts veranda roof wash ponsonby after nzts

Ponsonby villa gutter cleaning and roof washing  

The villas in Ponsonby typically have steep roofs and often are twin peak with a valley running down the middle. Cleaning the gutters on these sorts of houses can be tricky access wise. NZTS hold all the relevant heights and harness training to clean gutters safely. An NZTS gutter clean also includes the valleys of the roof. The trays in the valleys of the roof can be prone to leaking when cleaned out, so NZTS proceed carefully and have systems to minimise water ingress. 

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