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Washing a New Building

A building wash of a new building or on a construction site takes a different approach than washing an existing building. It’s crucial to be health and safety compliant, be able to fit in with other trades and any finishing work being completed around the building site, and to have an understanding of the surfaces and debris being cleaned. Here’s a little bit about how NZTS tackle new build building washing. 

Construction Site Health and Safety While Washing

NZTS are very familiar with all building and construction health and safety compliance. NZTS teams are fully equipped with PPE. They are all Site Safe Passport holders and carry first aid, fall arrest systems, heights and harness, and EWP certificates.

With this training they confidently complete building wash tasks with zero incidents, by minimising or eliminating all risks.

NZTS complete a Safe Work Method Statement with every commercial building wash quote and can provide their own access solutions or work with any scaffolding in place around the building site.

Cleaning up behind the trades

New building debris is a lot different from typical building wash mould and dirt.

NZTS teams remove tape, stickers, adhesives, plaster, concrete dust, paint and stains where possible and can arrange paint repairs of swarf or other damage to the building.

Finishing off with sparkling windows comes as standard. NZTS can either pole wash or mop and blade windows.

NZTS Building Wash Experience

Having faced a multitude of different new building wash situations, NZTS can provide great advice and give an expert opinion on what results to expect. Understanding how to wash different sorts of debris from different surfaces and cladding around a building whilst adhering to their warranty conditions is another skill set brought to the table.

NZTS offer low-pressure soft building washing solutions for Polycarbonate Skylights, Alucobond, aluminium, wood panels, or painted surfaces and high-pressure, high-flow solutions for concrete or steel.

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