NZTS Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs that can be tricky, messy and time-consuming. But a clean gutter is essential to transporting water away from the house or building and keeping up the integrity and water tightness.

A clean gutter will also slow the process of deterioration by eliminating constant dampness that causes rust in metal gutters and makes plastic gutters more brittle. The weight of debris in the gutters causes stress on brackets too.

Depending on your surroundings gutter cleaning should be done relatively regularly from every 6 months to every couple of years. NZTS can schedule regular gutter cleaning or send reminders so you can set and forget it.


  • Internal gutter cleaning without ingress into home
  • Flushing out downpipes to ensure no blockages
  • Clean of outside edge of gutters and downpipes as standard
  • Complete access solutions 
  • Clean up / removal of gutter debris
  • Photos of completed job 
  • Regular scheduled cleaning plans 


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NZTS Heights & Safety

Working at heights (especially on short term job sites) comes with a unique set of dangers. NZTS crews are put through intensive ropes and harness training to handle any situation safely.
Roof Washing

NZTS approach each roof washing job as if it was our own home, and provide advice accordingly. Our experience means that we can adapt to the nature of each job and create a solution that gets guaranteed results.


House Washing

With over 20 years of experience, NZTS has seen nearly everything in the business of exterior cleaning. With our state of the art equipment, we take pride in being able to effectively clean any exterior surface.


Building Washing

At NZTS we have combined more than 20 years’ experience in running commercial building wash operations. We have the systems, equipment and expertise to tackle any size building or roof wash.