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Auckland North Shore Roof Treatments: Overview

Roof moss and mould treatments work by creating a bond with what they touch once they are sprayed onto a roof. Roof treatments incapacitate moss and mould growth on your roof and bond to the clean parts of your roof to work as an inhibitor which keeps your roof....

Roof treatments can be an effective method of roof cleaning, however, roof treatments are not always recommended.

When not to treat your roof:

  • your roof type (some shingle tile glues are affected by roof treatment chemical and metal roofs with rust developing should not be treated)
  • is the roof being painted (If you’re planning on painting your roof it must be pre paint treated and pressure cleaned very thoroughly to ensure a great finish and that the primer bonds with roof surface, a roof treatment won’t achieve this)
  • the speed in which you need the roof cleaned (if you’re looking for a quick result to spruce the place up / putting the house on the market / or preparing for paint, roof treatments are not for you).
  • any roof repair or roof maintenance work that may be required (often, roof treatments are a waste of time and money if the roof requires repairs or repainting. In which case it’s best to wait until you’re ready to do the roof repairs and arrange roof cleaning to coincide with the roof repairs)

Roof Cleaning Auckland

Roof cleaning is fraught with potential issues and heights safety requirements. NZTS understand that it’s important to provide indepth insight into the roof cleaning process specific to your roof and like to give accurate advice about achieving the results you want and what results you can expect. All of our roof cleaning work is carried out safely and our team carries a site specific job safety analysis paperwork which protects you as a home owner in case of any accidents.

Our team are all heights trained and we have a squeeky clean safety record when working at heights. We work on rope and harness almost everyday.

Our specialised roof cleaning services give us a competitive edge. We’re set up to work safely, thoroughly and quicky on all roof cleaning work Auckland wide.

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Roof Cleaning

NZTS approach each roof cleaning job as if it was our own home, and provide advice accordingly. Our experience means that we can adapt to the nature of each job and create a solution that gets guaranteed results.

Building Wash

With over 10 years of experience, NZTS has seen nearly everything in the business of exterior cleaning. With our state of the art equipment, we take pride in being able to effectively clean any exterior surface.


Health and Safety is paramount at NZTS.
Our systems are robust, with every member of our onsite team having undergone training that includes

(i) a Site Safe Heights and Harness course,
(ii) dangerous goods management, (iii) first aid and
(iv) our thorough and ongoing in-house training and assessment modules on health and safety concerns that are unique to the spraying and chemical treatment of the roofs of homes and businesses.


NZTS was formed to provide residential and commercial clients with exterior cleaning that is compliant in terms of both health and safety and council laws on storm water drainage.

We are committed to providing quality exterior cleaning and (scheduled) programmed preventative roof and surface maintenance. This commitment extends to the environment as NZTS is one of the few moss and mould spraying specialists that have pump systems that divert waste runoff from roofs away from downpipes and New Zealand’s waterways.


The NZTS team has more than 10 years experience in exterior cleaning under their belts. We provide a pressure-free, informative service that is based on trust and guaranteed results.

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