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Washing and caring for a cedar house – our advice

The best form of maintenance on a cedar house is prevention. Cedar has a soft, porous surface that can be easily damaged if isn’t looked after properly. Whilst it’s always important to be careful when washing exterior surfaces, particular attention should be paid to cedar homes. Soft brush washing Regular soft brush house washing will […]

Why is damage rife in the house and building wash industry and how to avoid it.

You don’t have to go far to find someone who has had a bad experience with a water blaster, house or building washer. Damaged plants, stripped paintwork, gouged cladding, blown lights and even fires can be the result of inexperience and carelessness. We come across damage from water blasting and washing buildings on a daily […]

moss covered green roof
How to clean to Moss, Mould and Lichen effectively

The first question we need to ask who cleaning moss, mould and lichen is to first establish what surface is being cleaned, the integrity of that surface and the desired result and how fast you need that result. Water Blasting Water blasting is a fast and often a great solution for exterior cleaning moss mould […]

How to Environmentally Clean a Roof

A lot of New Zealander’s have a deep commitment to the environment and a willingness to make positive changes to the way we go about our lives. This has been especially noticeable in the cleaning products we use around the house and things like the plastic bag petition that was recently presented to parliament to […]

Asbestos covered roof
A guide to asbestos roof cleaning

Asbestos roof cleaning is fraught with potential issues. The asbestos fibres that disperse when disturbed by brushing or water blasting are dangerous and contaminate surrounding areas. This can seriously affect the health of family members and the community when the fibres become airborne. How does pressure-cleaning an asbestos roof threaten people’s health? The top layer […]