Commercial and Residential Roof Cleaning and treatments

After a decade of experience cleaning both residential and commercial roofs, we have seen all sorts of roofs in all sorts of conditions. The approach taken by our teams varies according to what we think is the best roof cleaning method for your roof and your desired outcome.,

Our advice is based on experience and allows us and our clients to make an informed decision on how to clean your roof.

We will advise you on an appropriate roof cleaning method according to the condition, age and type of roof and the roof coating.

We at NZTS approach each home and roof cleaning job as if we are working on our own home, and provide advice accordingly. Our experience means that we can adapt to the nature of each job and create a solution that gets guaranteed results.

Cleaning Methods

  • Soft Washing
  • Pre-paint Washing
  • Moss, Mould and Lichen treatments
  • Waterblasting
  • Pressure Cleaning

Roof Types

  • Clear light / Polycarbonate
  • Corrugated iron
  • Tile
  • Decromastic
  • Shingle
  • Concrete


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How does moss,
mould and lichen affect a roof?

The buildup of moss, mould and lichen on a roof affects roof surfaces in a number of ways. Lichen is by far the worst offender. Apart from being an unsightly and unwanted guest, it also has roots (rhizines) that anchor and etch into the roof, causing irreparable damage.

The lichen disaggregates surface structures and coatings, greatly accelerating oxidation and rust. Lichen also holds moisture against the roof surface like a sponge long after the clean roof has dried after rainfall or condensation, adding to the speed of deterioration.

Other types of mould have their own detrimental effects by creating acidic byproducts that deteriorate roof surfaces and affect the aesthetic and safety of a roof.

Building Washing

The NZTS team has combined more than 20 years’. We’re big enough to tackle any size building or roof wash, but small enough to care about the details.


House Washing

NZTS expertly clean any form of mould or dirt, from any type of house cladding. Our house washing methods avoid damage to gain the best results in every situation.


Gutter Cleaning

A clean gutter is essential to transporting water away from the building to keep up the integrity and water tightness. NZTS are gutter cleaning experts, encouraging regular cleaning.