Exterior House Cleaning in Auckland

NZTS Driveway / Concrete /
Stone / Brick / Tarseal Cleaning

There’s something about nice bright paths, drives and carparks. NZTS treatments are formulated to continually work to keep black and green mould, moss and lichen at bay and surfaces shining and non slip.

NZTS have storm water protective solutions and onboard pumping equipment to keep our treatments and any sediment from running off into drains and gardens. The treatment is then recycled for use on other surfaces or responsibly disposed of. 

It takes a little extra time – But we think it’s worth it

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NZTS surface treatments work over time with the weather and work to the root of moss mould and lichen to gain a better, longer term clean.

Medium Pressure Washing

NZTS pressure washing gives instant results. A soft wash treatment is applied to surfaces and then a medium pressure wash to remove dirt, moss, mould and lichen without leaving damage and water blasting marks.

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Stone Chip
  • Cobbles
  • Tarseal
  • Driveway

  • Tiles
NZTS Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning is a tricky task that can be hard to navigate. Our teams are trained to tackle the most difficult gutter jobs safely and thoroughly. We are rope access trained and carry suitable access equipment right for any situation.
NZTS safety at heights
Working at heights (especially on short term job sites) comes with a unique set of dangers. NZTS crews are put through intensive ropes and harness training to handle any situation safely.
  • Internal gutter cleaning without ingress into home
  • Flushing out downpipes to ensure no blockages
  • Clean of outside edge of gutters and downpipes as standard
  • Complete access solutions 
  • Clean up / removal of gutter debris
  • Photos of completed job 
  • Regular scheduled cleaning plans 
NZTS Deck and Fence Cleaning
Cleaning a deck or fence without inflicting damaging is an art. NZTS deck and fence cleaning treatments are a noncorrosive no-pressure solution for cleaning black and green mould and other growth from deck surfaces and coatings.

Our treatments also bind with the surface of your deck or fence to create an antimicrobial protective layer that inhibits the growth of moss and mould for up to twice as long as if left untreated.

Nonslip deck cleaning maintenance
Keeping deck surfaces clean and free of mould helps prevent slips and falls. Having a (scheduled) programmed maintenance schedule in place ensures that mould does not have a chance to start developing.

Why to avoid water
blasting to clean your deck or fence?

You do not have to look far to find decks and fences that have been destroyed or damaged by water blasting. Although water blasting is an instantly gratifying process, the high-pressure destructive nature of water blasting means that it blasts off coatings and stains along with the dirt, moss and mould. There is still a high risk of irreparable damage and marking of surfaces even if the operator is diligent in their work.

Water blasting will leave the wood more exposed to the elements and will accelerate the ageing of the deck or fence, eventually leading to wood rot. Softer wood such as pine is particularly vulnerable to water blasting and will often fur up and forever lose its original aesthetic appeal.

The NZTS treatment eliminates the need to water blast a deck or fence. The treatment bonds with the surface of the wood or any stain, paint or coating and prevents moss from growing for up to 18 months. It is applied with minimal pressure and moss, mould or any other growth will wash away with the weather over the course of a few months. There is no resulting damage to the decking in the cleaning process.


NZTS approach each roof cleaning job as if it was our own home, and provide advice accordingly. Our experience means that we can adapt to the nature of each job and create a solution that gets guaranteed results.

Auckland house washing guide

After washing thousands of houses around the Auckland area we thought it might be handy to put up a few of the things that we know to help those washing their house themselves or just for those to see how we like to go about our house washing work.

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