Our Environmental Promise

NZTS Environmental Promise

Leading by example is one thing we do at NZTS.

Letting chemical treatments run down downpipes and drains and into New Zealand’s waterways is not an option for us, and we are keen to set the bar for all in the spraying industry, showing that it is possible to deal with chemical runoff responsibly and to protect New Zealand’s waterways.

NZTS is the only team of treatment and spraying experts in New Zealand that has specialised vacuum systems on all their treatment units.

Our Promises
  • Removal of all waste runoff from drains and downpipes
  • No entry of chemicals into waterways
  • Responsible use of the correct products for the job
  • Correct equipment and systems so that there is no overspray into gardens
  • Study into the latest products, keeping NZTS at the forefront of treatments and spraying
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