NZTS Driveway / Concrete /
Stone / Brick / Tarseal Cleaning

There’s something about nice bright paths, drives and carparks. NZTS treatments are formulated to continually work to keep black and green mould, moss and lichen at bay and surfaces shining and non slip.

NZTS have storm water protective solutions and onboard pumping equipment to keep our treatments and any sediment from running off into drains and gardens. The treatment is then recycled for use on other surface or responsibly disposed of. 

It takes a little extra time – But we think it’s worth it

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  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Stone Chip
  • Cobbles
  • Tarseal
  • Driveway

  • Tiles


NZTS surface treatments work over time with the weather and work to the root of moss mould and lichen to gain a better, longer term clean.

Medium Pressure Washing

NZTS pressure washing gives instant results. A soft wash treatment is applied to surfaces and then a medium pressure wash to remove dirt, moss, mould and lichen without leaving damage and water blasting marks.

A clean gutter is essential for a healthy home
Gutter cleaning is a tricky task that can be hard to navigate. Our teams are trained to tackle the most difficult gutter jobs safely and thoroughly.
Treating each roof as if it were our own
Armed with top quality equipment, safety procedures and environmentally conscious chemical run-off solutions, NZTS guarantees a clean and protected roof.
Cleaning a deck or fence without damaging it is an art
NZTS deck and fence cleaning treatments are a non-corrosive and low pressure solution for cleaning moss, mould as well as any other organic matter.


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