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Auckland Water Restrictions and House Washing

Here’s a guide to help in supporting your local Auckland house washing businesses while there are restrictions on water.

NZTS provides our own water supply from sustainable sources not attached to the town supply. In doing so, we can legally operate during restrictions. Please see the graph below to see which services are best while we can only bring limited supply of water.

Soft chem house washing and proper application of moss and mould treatment to surfaces around the house provide the most efficient use of water for washing around your home. 

This graph shows the responsible cleaning methods highlighted in green and the subsequent water use

        Water use guide

Water Blasting

Soft Chem Washing 


House Washing

900 to 2400 Litres

300 to 800 Litres


Concrete Roof Washing

1600 to 10,000+ Litres

800 to 5000 Litres

50 to 100 Litres

Metal Roof Washing

500 to 10,000+ Litres

200 to 5000 Litres

50 to 100 Litres

Concrete Drive and Path Washing

1800+ Litres per 100 Sqm

1200+ Litres per 100 Sqm

30 Litres per 100 Sqm

Deck Washing

1800+ Litres per 100 Sqm

1200+ Litres per 100 Sqm

30 Litres per 100 Sqm

Gutter Cleaning

100 to 200 Litres



To help support the industry, it’s good to get us out doing low water consumption jobs and then save the water blasting for when Auckland has had some decent rainfall

As always NZTS are here to help. Contact us and click here for a free quote.